Thought Processing

I’m writing garbage, utter utter garbage….


I’m typing this here because I don’t really want to type on our business website where I’ve created my “blog” called Unedited, because I have this thing where I need things to be perfect before it goes out and that usually means I never end up sharing anything or posting anything and the lawnmower or whatever that thing downstairs in our complex is, is making a huge racket and I can’t seem to focus or concentrate and I really need to write because there’s so much. So so much in my head  that I just need to DOWNLOAD. you know? And the one time that the kid is not with me, because usually he is my distraction. He talks to me constantly and even when I put the phone on with Youtube for him, he still manages to talk to me and include me in it which is cute but I really need concentration to write and think and focus.


But I was told yesterday to just write, even if I can’t think properly just write utter utter garbage. Just WRITE!!!

And my burfee-making pep-talker is right! What’s a writer if she cannot write? Right? People nowadays don’t worry about grammar… painfully, and they post like ALL the time!! And they’re getting business from it. They’re getting deals and contracts from it, meanwhile I’m sitting here thinking is this in the right context and is this going to offend anyone and why does this child not stop talking? He’s not here with me right now. He went with his dad to mosque and his dad (my hubby) is trying to keep them both out of my way for as much as possible so I SHOULD NOT LET THIS MOMENT PASS ME BY!!! Even if I can’t seem to focus and concentrate right now, I need to just type and type and write and write and go through this weeding out process to see if all of this nonsense can just get the hell out of me so that I can finally write what I came here to write but this lawnmower just doesn’t want to stop.

I’m fasting by the way, did I mention that? I love food. junk food. healthy food and most importantly love sweet stuff. It’s day 4 of Ramadaan. But I think I’m okay, I usually get drained though, it’s 2:45pm… Oh and Slipper Day. Are you wearing your Slippers today? I am. I love slippers and pyjama pants. They’re so comfy. What do I need to do today? So much, there’s so much that I need to do and get done and I’m just sitting here and typing this. That’s my other problem, I can’t seem to sit down and concentrate because I feel like I should be sorting out the house (we don’t have a domestic helper from the time I’ve been married and this year September will be 10 years of marriage so that’s a long long time of cleaning and somedays I just like to give up, which means that shit piles up which means that we (Ziyaad and me) has to sort that shit ourselves amongst other things and of course with a child and a small place things become cluttered and other crap and oh! what am I making to break fast tonight? Cooking. That’s the other thing that needs to get done. Plus we need to make money for rent and food and petrol and other bills and need to do repairs and replacements and services and I really shouldn’t be sitting and writing, I should be trying to find us some business, some contracts, and applying for more jobs even though I keep bloody getting rejected or they don’t even respond. How rude? I’m qualified and experienced, why on earth aren’t you taking me?????????!!!!!!!! I need to pay bills dammit and eat, basic stuff. and look after my child. And I’d really like to send him to school and get medical savings for us. When is this going to happen? Why do people expect us to do things for free for them when they themselves want to be paid? You sell products, you don’t give them away, you make food, you don’t just give it away, you tell people how to live (life coach) and expect them to pay you, you treat patients and expect to be paid (doctors, dentists, etc) , you don’t do it for free. You organise a damn expo/ event and want someone to sponsor you and you expect your exhibitors to pay for their space or stall yet you want to advertise with us for free just because you invite us? Seriously??? SHOULD I REMIND YOU HOW MUCH PETROL COSTS???? WEEEEEE TRAVEL WITH OUR CAR, TO YOUR VENUE, THAT’S PETROL AND WEAR AND TEAR OF OUR CAR. THEN WE TAKE OUR TIME AND OUR RESOURCES TO FILM OR PHOTOGRAPH AND TAKE DOWN INFORMATION FOR YOUR EVENT, FOR WHAT? for you to tell us yay we can enter for free or see this for free? and then advertise it using OUR expenses, just because we went somewhere THAT WE DIDN’T NEED TO GO just because you invited us so we can tell other people to go there and pay to go there?

Your bum!

I’m done now with this thought processing stuff.

garbage garbage garbage


Introduction to UnEdited

Greetings to anyone who is reading this.  

Writing my little dedication note on a book that I contributed a Short Story to.
Image taken by Ziyaad Plaatjes

My name is Nabihah and I’m the co-founder of .

Some of what you see posted on this website and on our Social Media pages is done by me and I try my best to be completely professional and edit well, etc etc.

But sometimes I like to write – just write – with no real purpose, with no hard take on grammar (although I do have a thing about making sure that there are no spelling errors) and I like to share my experiences, my thoughts which either manifest into poetry or just blabber.

I studied journalism and media, as well as marketing and english in University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and ever since then, sought a more professional take on writing.

In 2008, I found out about something called “blogging” and tried my hand at it, but as I used to love to put pen to paper and keep my thoughts for my eyes only, the online blogging was not something I could be consistent with: I posted now and again and remained true to handwriting.

I experienced many difficulties and life just seemed to get more gritty by the day. When my fingers did feel the need to type out something about my experiences, my mind would not correspond.

“No one needs to hear this”

“No one cares”

“What’s the point of you telling the world what happened to you?”

“We didn’t mean to hurt you, why are you hurting us by telling the world what we did to you”

All these thoughts and more surfaced and doubt creeped in. Soon, I stopped writing completely, even on paper.

The emotions created mountains inside of me: mountains made out of burning rock, getting hotter and hotter and I knew that there would be a day when the volcano that I created with these emotions, would erupt and that lava will either come spewing out or spill along the same mountain that it grew on and that…

That would be the end of me.

I’m dramatic sometimes. Or I jest.

But there’s always truth in humour, so here I am.

UnEdited is my “blog”. I typed inverted commas for “blog” as

I don’t usually like to be called a Blogger

and is NOT a blog.

Just like those famous rants of doctors who aren’t medical doctors arose, “I studied for years and years, so I demand to be called a Doctor”

… No, I did not study for years and years, I studied the right amount of years – Primary School, Secondary School, High School and University.

I studied Journalism, Media, Marketing and English as I mentioned before and I obtained my degree in my majors with the subjects that I had studied, so yes, I would like to be acknowledged in this regard.

But I am a person who likes to write, again as mentioned before, I write about nothing in particular and sometimes things in particular and I decided that UnEdited (Let’s be technical and explain this – I am the Editor of but now I’m writing with no one editing my work, hence UnEdited) is my Blog within our Business Website:

So this is my introduction… weird, as I had already started sharing my works, be it reviews, poetry, etc under this section and now after a long time, I am doing an introduction.

But this is it.

This is my outlet and this is me trying to be brave and trying to stop those nagging thoughts of “what if someone sees this and is offended by what I say”.

We write to find ourselves, we write to “download” our feelings and experiences and either try to make sense of them or just to let go. We write what we know and we write what we love. We share it, to find others like us, we share it in hopes to teach others and we share in order to find a community in which we can learn as well as grow.

As much as I hope that I will be consistent with this, in order to get my writing out there and in hopes to find others to learn from, I hope that somehow something of mine inspires you.

**** Please give me credit if I inspire you, I would appreciate it.****

Too many times and the social media platforms that we have: @ilovezacom “inspires” others and we see this, but they don’t like to give us credit, which is probably a story for another day. 🙂  (Exhibit A #iloveza❤️🇿🇦  😀 )


If there are certain mistakes or viewpoints, please note that this is because my work has been unedited and it’s entirely my thoughts or opinions and do not reflect those of’s.

Nabihah Plaatjes is the Co-Founder of

She is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Change Agent, Published Contributing Author, Journalist, Marketing and Social Media Specialist, a Bachelor of Arts graduate, and has been writing since the age of 9.

Nabihah is passionate about Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty and uses her knowledge in these fields together with her copywriting, editing and proof-reading skills to bring brands to life. is a primary example of how she can build your brand.

Find her at: Instagram: @nabihah_dp / @ilovezacom Twitter: @nabihahd / @ilovezacom Facebook:  LinkedIn: Nabihah Plaatjes / YouTube: SoundCloud: E-mail:


What to Expect at the Inaugural SingularityU South Africa Exponential Finance Summit

The Cape Town International Convention Centre is set to be abuzz on 29th and 30th May with the global community of change-makers who are looking to #futureproofAfrica at the inaugural SingularityU South Africa Exponential Finance Summit.
SingularityU South Africa Exponential Finance Summit in Collaboration with DBSA, Deloitte, Discovery, MTN
Photo Credits Nabihah Plaatjes


The Exponential Finance Summit is an industry-specific event hosted in collaboration with The Development Bank of Southern Africa, global partners Deloitte, and Discovery, and strategic partner MTN.

The Summit will showcase how exponential technologies are simultaneously shaping and disrupting the financial (FinTech) industry. It aims to empower attendees with the latest insights on how to boost GDP growth, create employment, and attract foreign direct investment—a key enabler of economic growth that is especially important for emerging market economies.

We attended the launch of the summit in Johannesburg earlier today ( 5 March 2019) and heard from some of the amazing industry leaders who will be speaking at the summit, a few words from the sponsors, as well as viewed some of the exponential technology like this Augmented Reality app:

Video Credits Nabihah Plaatjes

The aim of the summit is to equip organisations with the tools to move not only themselves but the rest of Africa forward through creative technologies in the finance sector.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is here, and every individual has the potential to utilise the technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics to create something that could change the world in timeframes that were not possible before.

Shayne Mann co-CEO of SingularityU South Africa quite aptly put it when he said,

“Each person has the power today to make incredible change in the world.”


Watch what he as well as what his brother, Mic Mann co-CEO of SingularityU South Africa, has to say:

Video Credits Nabihah Plaatjes

Video Credits Nabihah Plaatjes


Singularity University’s mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.


Singularity University (SU) is a global community that uses exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.


From blockchain to quantum computing and cyber-security, from the future of work to financial inclusion, cashless banking, AI, robotics and venture capital – the program for the summit will cover the exponential technologies and emerging strategies that are fundamentally shifting the entire financial playing field.

Tickets for the two-day summit have been limited to 800 and will be available for purchase from R16 650.

For more information on the Exponential Finance Summit:

#futureproofAfrica #collaborativefutures

Nabihah Plaatjes is the Co-Founder of

She is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Change Agent, Published Contributing Author, Journalist, Marketing and Social Media Specialist, a Bachelor of Arts graduate, and has been writing since the age of 9.

Nabihah is passionate about Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty and uses her knowledge in these fields together with her copywriting, editing and proof-reading skills to bring brands to life. is a primary example of how she can build your brand.

Find her at: Instagram: @nabihah_dp / @ilovezacom Twitter: @nabihahd / @ilovezacom Facebook:  LinkedIn: Nabihah Plaatjes / YouTube: SoundCloud: E-mail:


Have Blog, Will Write.

It is not until my head is heavy and cannot get up from the pillow, my eyelids become so overwhelmed with exhaustion that opening is not even close to an option and my eyes become extremely sore with tiredness, it is not until then, that the best ideas make an appearance. Ideas, words and even sentences flow effortlessly forming articles, short stories and even novels in my brain. It’s as if they know, they just know that I will not defy, that even though I cannot fall asleep, the mere fact that I’m lying down hoping and praying to fall asleep will keep me down. 

Have a pen and paper near your bed they said, it will help you. Did you ever think about that ? It’s dark so I will have to switch the light on. Firstly, I have to will myself to open my heavy eyelids, pick myself up and switch the light on and then write. I have to also be considerate as the light might affect the other half. “So have your phone next to your bed so you can just type.” Okay, but what about that information regarding the signal of the phone interfering with your brain while you sleeping ? Because of that, we keep our phones away from the bedroom. Also, the light of the phone hurts my eyes – there is research stating that the back light of these devices and even the TV, is not good for you when you trying to sleep so how will I fall asleep  or go back to sleep ? 

I write this, several days later, not remembering a single thing that I wanted to write down. I write this now, with no clear goal as to where this article is going and what purpose it’s serving and how it will end. I just know; I have a blog and I will write.

For the sake of God

I wanted to start off saying; please don’t send generic “ask me for forgiveness” or “I am sorry, I apologise” messages because I feel that they are not sincere. I feel that a person should say what they are sorry for, apologise for exactly what they have done wrong and ask forgiveness for that. In that way, in my mind, they have acknowledged what they have done wrong and will hopefully not repeat it. In my mind, a person who says, “I ask for forgiveness on this night if I have done anything wrong” (which will be the common theme of messages coming in today as it is A Big Night – for Muslims) or “I am sorry, please forgive me” is just merely saying a statement without heart, without any feeling to it and it makes one doubt if they have truly acknowledged their wrong and apologising for that, and it seems as if they even expect you to say “forgiven, please forgive me” blah blah. The end of that sentence deserves a “blah blah” because that is how I feel sometimes when I hear generic apologies.

I stand to be corrected. Yes, that is how I feel and that is my sentiments, but maybe I am quick to judge. We don’t know other people’s intentions, maybe their somewhat seemingly generic messages are actually coming from their heart. I learnt something today, something I already knew but lately I’ve become so consumed with hurt by others that I decided to let my true self be hidden and I’ve become harsh. I know people are human beings and they let us down. They hurt us and do not even see it but they are quick to point out our flaws, quick to cut off ties because of mistakes we’ve made and quick to say how we have wronged them and how we need to make things right. Their eyes are not open to what they have done wrong, their eyes are not open to our feelings and what we are going through, being empathetic is not something they feel they need to be. They do not see reason and increase their understanding, their hearts and minds are closed off to thinking that they could even be wrong. I used to think and rethink as I usually do and then apologise because I know that I’m a bigger person and of the saying that I value relationships more than the faults that others make. People would hurt me and yet I would apologise and things would go on and this would be repeated. I recently came to a point where I was so badly hurt and to this day the people who have upset me still have not acknowledged that they have wronged and not asked for forgiveness even though I have asked them for forgiveness. I realised then that I’m just allowing myself to be abused and be taken advantage of. I was tired of being the bigger person. I apologised for all that I have done wrong and have asked for forgiveness but I will not allow myself to be put in this situation again. I will be civil and speak when I need to but cannot trust again. In this way, I’m taking control of not being belittled in the eyes of others.

It is difficult, honestly speaking, to be harsh and to not trust. For me, I value relationships but I needed to make sure no one would ever take advantage of me. But what I learnt today was that, it’s not just about being ‘the bigger person’ and valuing relationships over mistakes, it’s also saying that ‘I am doing this for the sake of God.’ Which is ultimately what our intention should always be. I’m not forgiving you, even though you haven’t asked for forgiveness, because I want to constantly be belittled by you, nor do I want to be the bigger person, I am forgiving you for the sake of God and our religion. I love you for the sake of God and our religion and I know that this world is temporary, so I am doing this to help me achieve the best in the Hereafter. I would like God to forgive me and love me and grant me the best in the Hereafter, which is eternal life.

Belly full of Green and Gold

I will admit it. I am not too fond of cricket as a sport. I don’t enjoy watching it on the television and even at a live game. It always seemed rather long and boring and I was right ! A cricket match is about 8 hours long !!! Why on earth would one waste that much time watching it ? Why,
oh why ?!!

So… I have a husband who enjoys the sport and loves watching matches… He likes other sports as well, but there’s just something about cricket. Hence my lesson and “coerced” interest to this sport.

I remember going to a match when I was at university with a few friends. I realised that I needed to know more about what I was watching, so I pestered them during the match with questions such as “so, what’s an inning?”, “how many overs are there?”. I still don’t know what’s an inning, think I will have to google that, later. Anyway my education on it seemed to grow – I can now decipher the score and so on.

This was fueled by me watching a few matches in the past weeks. Yes, I watched cricket matches ! Only ones where South Africa played though, and only a few, but I suppose it’s a start.

The match between South Africa and West Indies was quite entertaining. I remember giving my hubby running commentary. The old me would have been appalled ! It was fascinating to see the way Imran Tahir rejoiced after getting a batsman out, he seemed to go a bit overboard, but it was fun to watch. And when the Proteas hit a six and a four, even I did a silent cheer, held my breath when they took a run and felt a little disappointed when they had to go out.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I am actually looking forward to watching tomorrow’s match… Oh Joy! What have I gotten myself into ?!

All the Best Proteas !